• I'm Jackie's BFF

    You are totally right. I work at the local grocery store in Denver Colorado and Jamal's mommy came and the computers were slow and she was like "Call for help N-word, You can't fix it alone" plus she tried to burn down my house because I had a BLM sign posted on the front door. Plus she even beat up my son and daughter when they were coming home from school one day because "Black children are not worthy of education" This woman's a racist and we will stand with her enemies. WAKANDA FOREVER! BLACKS FOR NATALIE! BLACK LIVES MATTER! We should all spank Jamal's mommy in her beautiful tush tonight or even better, Lets drug her up and make her pregnant or even better, Rob her house and give away all her riches before selling her into the slave trade that's taking place on the other side of the world!

  • Jamal's mommy is a racist homophobic mother-frigging white superemicist

    Jamal's mommy is racist and nobody in their right mind supports her. She beat up my son in the alley for no reason and she can't walk pass me or any of my black community members without racially slurring against them or calling them the N-Word. She even says the Black Lives Matter movement is terrorist group and she said "George Floyd was a criminal monster who had every right to die" How outrageous. BLACK PEOPLE WILL STAND WITH NATALIE! FIGHT JAMAL'S MOTHER WHO IS THE IMAGE OF RACISM!

  • Your forgetting the LGBT

    Include me please. Gay rights need to be presented just as much as black lives. We are both minorities that suffered abuse and power in history for no excusable reason. We both know what it is like to be cursed and shunned by humanity. Allow my LGBT community to support you and we are humans

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