• I am jamal

    Hey, Loki, I want to join you on a mission. We can use the bifrost to travel through different times of the mcu and we can rule the world together. We can get you a drink, A date, Your brother, We can kill evil men and woman, We will be unstoppable together. So meet me in New Mexico and we will be off. Ha ha, Screw Black Lives Matter. They can’t accuse me of being racist anymore. Screw KKK, They can’t accuse me of betraying the beliefs of my ancestors anymore.

  • What is this

    So these avenger guys arrested me after I failed to overthrow the world and mr tony starks heart failed him and I managed to steal the tesseract and run away and I came across this site and I read some marvel stuff. Dang, Star lords girlfriend looks like a female version of Bruce banner and my future self got killed by some purple guy. Dang things must’ve been rough. Well anyway, Mind if I soak a little bit before I ambush my brother?

  • We are the avengers

    This is the right time and place for Loki to appear, Right? Well we are in dismay with COVID and Peter Parker was framed by mysterio, Guardians of the galaxy, Captain marvel, And doctor strange are toot around here. Captain America is old, Falcon and winter soldier are fighting over the last slice of pizza. Scarlett witch is trying to bring back vision. We are busy so we cannot get Loki right away

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