• Oooh more goodie goodie little people to battle

    I wonder what jamal will do to his mommy now that mommy is back and he has the gaybuttdisease, Ooh this will be very interesting. Btw what happened to starlord and the incest child? Did he take the furry incest child with him and abandon all 19 of his incest children? Good grief what a horrible father. Well he was already one from the start after doing his mommy

  • No no and no

    No we're sick and tired of this just stop spamming whoever you are, Idc if you're a fat spammer, Idc if you're jamal or his stupid mmommy just stop spamming, Geez get a freaking life already you have been spamming for like over 50 f*cking pages long you freaking loser!

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