Hidden carvings can be found in ancient Salamanca: Are we doing enough to preserve our ancient cities?

  • Scientific community and public do a lot to preserve ancient history

    There are limits to what can be done to preserve cities and artifacts of ancient civilizations. But the scientific community takes precedence over commercial interest in these matters. The general public appreciates the value of preserving ancient finds and takes an active role in ensuring an appreciation of history is a part of any development.

  • no, I don`t think so.

    Preservation and restoration plays a cultural role. Old buildings teach us about the history that happened before we were born and promotes the respect for those who lived in different times and different societies. Architectural monuments cultivates pride of our past and heritage making us unique in the world. For Paris is knows for the Eiffel tower, London for the Big Ben and etc. Historical structures bring character and certain charm to the neighborhood that people live in. Moreover, restoring an old building is often way cheaper than building the new one. Just think of all the costs you can save on creative project team, interior décor and other things that were initially already thought of in the old structure. Building new green buildings and energy-saving houses is important, but restoring the old ones is as “green” as it can get. Preservation and restoration is the ultimate form of recycling. It helps reduce construction waste and save the energy that is usually spent on manufacturing and transporting building materials and tools.

  • No, we are not doing enough.

    Much of society is not doing enough to preserve our ancient cities. Many once thriving cities from the ancient world have not been properly excavated or preserved. In fact, robbers have stolen many ancient artifacts for personal gain. Many more have simply destroyed historic places to build something new in their place.

  • No, we need to do more.

    No, we're not doing enough to preserve our ancient cities. They are true treasures, yet few groups are willing to fund the efforts required to preserve these places. There's no monetary profit in doing so, yet not everything should be measured in terms of money. These ancient cities are priceless and should be preserved for future generations to see.

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