Hide Clinton Funding Deal: How corrupt does someone have to be before they are punished?

  • Yes, corruption should be punished.

    I believe that corruption should be punished, in order to promote good and ethical business practices. I'm not sure if the nature of man is oblige the rules or break them, but punishing corruption certainly makes people more likely to follow the rules of law. After careful investigation proves someone is corrupt, they should face the consequences.

  • Corruption punishment depends on who the person is

    Let's face it, whether someone is punished or not for or any crime depends on who they are. Hillary Clinton Will get an enormous pass compared to low level working class people like you and I, who would see jail for less than half of what Hillary Clinton has done. God help us all if this woman is elected president.

  • No, they are not.

    There are lots of things going on in this race, and whether or not Hillary Clinton is corrupt or not should not be the focus of this campaign. Trump is clearly very corrupt and there is very little coverage of his corruption compared to her potential corruption in her campaign.

  • Corrupt politicians are rarely, if ever punished, no matter how corrupt they are.

    I don't believe that if it can be proven that Clinton is corrupt any punishment will be given. The problem with corrupt politicians is that other corrupt politicians are the ones who make the decisions, who oversee the investigation, and who distribute any punishment. Unless it provides some benefit to the other politicians, no, Clinton will never see punishment for any corruption charges, even with solid proof provided to the American people.

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