High-rise housing: Should high-rise housing be encouraged?

  • I high-rise buildings should be encouraged

    I agree that high-rise buildings because it provides opportunities to many people like security jobs and maids who clean the building.
    High-rise building takes space of a 1persons house and provides home to many other people. People who are not getting jobs will also get jobs because of high rise buildings.People who are scared of earthquakes can also live in high rise buildings it can be made earthquake proof. High rise buildings also save us from floods and

  • High-rise housing is unsafe.

    High-rise housing is unsafe.
    I think that builders should think about safety when they design and
    build these buildings. High-rise housing
    units are dangerous because in the event of a fire, it is too hard for the
    people on the upper floors to get out alive.
    We saw evidence of this on 9/11.

  • no, not really

    High- rises provide a lot of people with a lot of housing without taking up a lot of space. It seems like an argument for high- rise but its the opposite. Not enough communities are being built nowadays with the implication of neighbor friendly, or to look out for each other and their families. High- rise buildings have added to the coldness between neighbors and communities.

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