High school art project from 1970's mistakenly identified as prized antique worth $30,000: Are there enough experts in art antiquities?

  • No, there needs to be more trained art experts available.

    If an old art project can so easily be mistaken for a valuable work of art, then obviously we need better trained experts. While this may be a rare occurrence that will not impact the majority of Americans, the fact that this can happens highlights the need for better training.

  • Yes, there are.

    What this really proves is that some people are incredibly talented at faking antique. It is not clear why this was mistaken for an antique, but if you know anything about antiques it is easy to learn how to fake antiques. The real problem is that people are gullible and will believe anything.

  • Yes, there are enough experts in art antiquities.

    Yes, there are enough experts in art antiquities. Just because one person made a mistake does not mean we should condemn all art experts. Three percent of scientists do not believe in climate change, after all. Does that mean we should dismiss all scientists? No, there will always be people who do not know as much as the experts in their field.

  • Nah bruh, there aint.

    I believe that there are enough art inspectors, though as a result of faulty mistakes like these, I don't think there are enough EXPERTS. You see it everywhere, supposed art enthusiasts staring at an all red canvas claiming that it evokes a feeling worth 1 million dollars. Its just not realistic, if people like this are pricing art based on self reflection, can't I too splatter paint on a blank canvas and say that it made me feel good and price it at 2 million dollars. If I snow art enthusiasts into believing I took my time and used only the best acrylic paint, with enough publicity, my B.S. Could also be sold for a fortune.

  • No there are not

    A high school art project from the 1970s was mistakenly identified as a prized antique worth £30,000. This was such a silly mistake to make. It leads me to believe that there are not enough art experts in art antiquities. Hopefully this mistake will not happy again in a hurry, what an embarrassment to the art world!

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