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  • Students' self planned routine for own benefits must be the priority

    High School phase is a stage in student's life where he or she has a life goal and his own routine to achieve that.If on a certain day,he feels that the school classes are not important for him that say, he must have the eligibility to be absent.Compulsory attendance in this phase is like messing up with the student's self-planned routine for his goal and decreasing it's effectiveness by imposing our own routine on them in the name of expert guidance.

  • Why Not, I'll argue for the student.

    Forcing student to learn when made to go somewhere against their will may seem like pushing the student to their potential, but it can actually backfire where the student now resents this and will probably try to forget what was learned.

    Not a super good example, but growing up I remember having to do book report after book report, and reading was hard for me. The writing came easy, the reading was difficult: reading the same lines 3-4 times, not always understanding the materia, dyslexia. In high school got the help needed, but that reading experience made have a huge disdain for reading for a long time. It wasnt until my mid 20s about ten years ago that I started to like to read again - though its hard for many books to keep my interest past the first two chapters.

    I will say one English teach in particular at my high school was my style of teacher: Class Book Reports. It wasnt homework, but a portion of the class curriculum and the way he divided up the book and class and taught the material helped me emmensly.

  • Students ignore studying

    High school time is the period for students to begin learn something seriously. If we don't take them a discipline, they are very easy to be affected by the wrong thing such as alcohol or drugs. We can't make sure completely that all students learn properly and voluntarily at home and attendance is also a way to teach them responsibilities

  • High school is pivotal

    High school is what gets kids on their feet. They have enough skills to get their first job after even just 2 years of high school. If I stopped school right now, there would be no way I could support a family (I am in 9th grade) Teachers should help students who are not happy in school instead of just having them not go.

  • Teachers would lose their jobs

    If students didn't come to school, teachers who teach more physical things would lose their jobs as they would be teaching no one since students aren't there. Sure the teachers can send the students emails of what to do, but the students wouldn't learn anything without a proper demo, therefore, teachers wouldn't teach anyone ending in the teachers losing their jobs.

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