High-speed rail: Is high-speed rail environmentally friendly?

  • Promote less traffic

    High speed rail is a great way to help the environment by allowing great numbers of people transport to work or other occasions without having to drive. A lot of emissions could be cut done if high speed rail were a realistic idea. It would be very expensive and impractical in application in certain areas of the world, but it could help the environment.

  • Mass effiecient mass transit

    High speed rail has the potential to be very environmentally responsible as it uses far less resources than are used by individual commuters. It has the potential to move many people at once, more than a plane or a bus even, and can be powered with electricity, which is a resource we can create in many different ways, rather than gas.

  • No no no

    This is common sense a high speed rail will destroy so many habitats there is no way this can be eco friendly come on people im only 9 and i know this stuff seriously this is common sense come on inhalers seriously you spamers and hackers and scamers seriously bye

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