• I find it sexist that some patriarchal misogynist asks this BS

    Because that's what we should be talking about. How sexy Hillary is.

    And OP can't even spell her name.

    For once, I wish right-wingers would examine Hillary as a person, rather than a woman and sex object.

    This opinion poll is indicative of the general war on women. It immediately makes both women into sex objects.

    One was a Secretary of State.

    No one asks if Rumsfeld was as "sexy" as Condi Rice, but the right-wingers can't help but attempt to objectify Hillary. Because that's all they have.

  • Former President Bill Clinton is ONLY to admire his own wife's beauty and no other...

    Former President Bill Clinton is a Christian (Methodist I think). If he is truly a Christian then he will be faithful to his wife, Hillary who in his own estimation should be the best looking woman on earth to him and should be the only whose beauty he admires.

    My own wife is the most beautiful woman on earth to me. I give that characterization to no other woman.

  • Hillary has class.

    Hillary is showing she knows how to be a real woman. She didn't do anything wrong. She was the one who was hurt by Monica. Monica just showed at how a man in power can persuade young women. This woman has no class at all. Hillary held herself with high esteem.

  • Monica is more feminine.

    No, Hilary is not better looking than Monica, because Hilary looks angry. Monica at least looks like she had some happiness in her at some point. Monica looks like she would be fun to talk to, but Hilary just looks mean. I suppose being cheated on would make anyone look mean, but Monica is still more attractive.

  • Hillary is much older than Lewinski

    I don't think either of them look very attractive but considering Hillary Clinton is 66 years old and Monica Lewinsky is only 40 I'd have to give the edge to Lewinsky. I think BIll Clinton was (and possibly still is) not very picky with his choices in women. Despite her age I'd be shocked if Hillary Clinton doesn't win by a landslide in 2016.

  • This is ridiculous

    This is what is wrong with the United States. Should are presidential candidates really be judged by who they are more attractive then. If that is how your going to judge Hillary then she would loose, however the American public needs to start taking an interest in what is going on in Washington or we are all going to loose.

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