Hilary Clinton 2016: Should she have left Bill after the Monica scandal?

  • She should have left.

    She should have left him, but I am nervous to make a judgement. Every relationship is different and that should be taken into account. However if it was me I would have been gone, not because of the scandal, but because of the cheating. She made her choice however and we should respect that, she doesn't seem to have been coerced in any way.

  • Yes, she should have left him.

    Yes Hillary should have left Bill after the Monica scandal. Once a cheater and sneak then they will always be a cheater and sneak. A person never changes and they will never again be deemed trustworthy. She should have went out and found a man she could trust instead of Bill.

  • Hilary Clinton leaving Bill?

    Looking at the scandal that happen many years ago make you just want to think, should Hilary Clinton stay with a man that had sex with another woman? I believe so. I wouldn't want a president who lets her own husband get away with something so evil. I makes her look like a president who doesn't care about life.

  • No, I don't believe she should have.

    I think there is tremendous amounts of change that happen when you become president and although that doesn't absolve him of guilt for cheating on his wife, I do think that might have played a role. I think because there was extenuating circumstances that she was smart to stick with him until his presidency was over and see if he would change his ways.

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