Hilary Clinton gains enough delegates: Will she accept the Democratic nomination?

  • Hillary Clinton is aiming Presidential following her win of delegates

    Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a big sweep in the primaries, enough so that she now has enough delegates to get the nomination from the Democratic Party. I believe that she will accept this nomination: she has campaigned hard and clearly wants the job. The next step in getting there is just taking the nomination that she is given!

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders is done.

    Bernie Sanders had a great campaign, but we can finally safely say that he's lost. Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, as most people have expected since the campaign began. Since each major party has now confined itself to an intensely disliked nominee, there seems to be a decent chance that more candidates will enter the general election. For example, Sanders could run as an Independent, since many liberals do not support Clinton, and another conservative could also run, since many conservatives do not support Trump.

  • Yes, Hilary Clinton is comfortable enough to accept the nomination.

    Yes, Hilary Clinton will accept the Democratic nomination. It is my belief that Hilary Clinton will accept the nomination now that she has gained enough delegates because there isn't anything standing in her way any longer. Although she could prolong the situation and see if she can gain more delegates, my belief is that she feels comfortable enough in her position to accept the nomination at this point.

  • Hilary Clinton will accept the Democratic nomination

    Of course, Hilary Clinton will accept the Democratic nomination is she gets the delegates? Why else would this woman be running for office? This is the culmination of her political ambition since the very day her husband became president. She is the anointed one. Nothing will stop this dishonest woman from becoming president.

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