Hilary Clinton, the populist: Was Hilary Clinton honestly broke, like the average American, when she left the White House?

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  • No, Hillary was not really broke when she left the White House

    In her own mind, Hillary Clinton was broke when she left the White House, but not in reality, or the reality of the average American. Living in the power and splendor of the White House for 8 years must give people a skewed outlook on life. There is no way that anyone who does not possess great wealth can possibly maintain the style of life provided by marriage to the most powerful man in the world. No Air Force One. No army of servants and aides. Although her statement sounds out of touch and pretentious (and it certainly was out of touch), the task of adjusting to "civilian life" may have genuinely been a problem for her. At that point she didn't have the cash to go right out and build a life befitting to a former first family, so she probably considered herself financially stressed, but was she broke in the way that most of us think of the word? No, I don't think so.

  • No, that's a ridiculous statement.

    I think she is incredibly out of touch with the average American if she truly believes that she was dead broke when they left the white house. She and her husband were highly educated, had jobs before the presidency and had the ability to rake in money with speaking engagements. Even if they had no savings, they were far from broke.

  • No she was not broke

    I think that Hillary Clinton was definitely not a average broke American when she left the White House. I think her broke is probably a lot of peoples American dream and that there was no way she couldn't afford housing food etc like a lot of other people in the Country right now. She had tons of opportunities at her door and had many means ot make more income.

  • The speaker fees.

    No, Hilary Clinton was not honestly broke when she left the White House, because they were able to quickly capitalize on high speaker fees. Her fees today to speak are $200K per speech, even to universities that are raising their tuition rates. She had a book deal in the works and lots of other ways to quickly make money.

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