Hilary for President: Does Hilary Clinton care about the average American?

  • Another troll post with nothing but anonymous voters

    NONE of the members to the right are real people.

    Look at the content and the writing style.

    These were all written by the same person, likely the same person who cited the CNN article.

    The language is the exact same, the cadence is the exact same.

    The platitudes are the same.

    This is pitiful. The nos don't even offer actual reasons why they think the things they think.

  • I don't care

    Being an Indian national. It really doesn't matter who you vote for. Your presidency is all a show for the masses.

    In the other hand. Id much rather have a woman running the country then have a corrupt man leading the nation.

    Why not have An Indian running your country, considering we & the Chinese own your whole country anyways. We can lead your nation.

  • Do Any Of Them?

    While you can argue the possibility that career politicians genuinely want what's best for their populous, I would instead argue the opposite. I think that most politicians unfortunately are so far removed from the "average" American public that they simply cannot relate or understand what adversity the "average" American goes through. So as long as they can hold on to the power, why should they care about the "average" American? It's nothing against Hilary or Democrats specifically, either. I hold all career politicians equally accountable.

  • Hilary Clinton doesn't care about the average American.

    Hilary Clinton doesn't care about the average American. I personally feel she is just using her relationship with her husband to get into a position of power and pass laws that favor her ideals. I also think that Bill would have a big influence on how Hillary conducts herself as well as the propositions she makes if she gets into office.

  • No, I don't believe she does.

    If her recent comments of being broke when they left the white house are any indication, then no, I don't believe she cares about the average person or even understands what it is like to be average in this day and age. I don't think she will make a good president if she doesn't understand the plights of the middle class.

  • No she does not

    Hillary does not care about the average person and just power. She would make a terrible President and would only do what she cared about and completely neglected other people. She cares about herself and her self image first and foremost, and does not listen to what the average American has to say.

  • Morgage Debt Mrs. Clinton?

    The last news clip I saw about Mrs. Clinton was about how when her and President Clinton were in the White house, the family was in debt with their mortgages on their "houses". She told the reporter that she and the president was very much at that time like the normal American citizen. But do normal American citizens have more then two homes with mortgages? Obviously not, so she doesn't have a clue what the real "average" is in America.

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