Hiliary Clinton leads popular vote: should she have won the presidency?

  • Yes, she should have.

    Not only is Donald Trump unfit to be president, but he did not win over the population of the United States. There is going to be continued civil unrest becasue of his election to the presidential office, and it is going to affect the country negatively. It may even result in civil war.

  • I think so

    She currently has a popular vote lead of about 2 million, which is fairly significant if you look at the number of folks who didn't even bother to vote. That there's such a discrepancy between candidates in the popular vote, should give the electors some pause, and should at least present a valid argument for her to win.

  • No, Hillary Clinton should not have won the presidency

    Whether it is the best thing or not, the President is chosen by the Electoral College. Candidates in the past have won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College and the result has been accepted. It is possible that many people who did not vote because they believed their vote did not count would have voted if the electoral college did not exist. In states such as California where it was a given that Clinton would win the Electoral College votes, many people who supported Trump simply did not vote because they felt their vote did not matter. The popular vote is not really valid in many states because of the Electoral College - if it is abolished in the future the popular vote will be impacted because people will feel that their vote does indeed count.

  • The rules are the rules.

    No, Clinton should not have won the presidency, because we have the electoral college for a reason. The founders didn't want any one state or group of people to dominate the country. Without the electoral college, the heartland of America would be basically ignored. Hillary lost according to the rules, fair and square.

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