• Espionage? Not good enough!

    Hillary should not be charged for espionage. "Then why is this on the yes side" you may ask. It's on the yes side because it maintains the same spirit as the yes position. She SHOULD be charged with treason! She revealed personal info about multiple spies, and tried to justify the actions of the perpetrators of the benghazi attacks by lying about their motives!

  • I guess it all depends on what evidence the FBI is able to present

    Depending on the FBI's evidence, she should at the very minimum be charged with gross negligence. The fact that so many Americans are willing to put someone in office who made foolish decisions for her own 'convenience' is just mind boggling. Regardless of whether she has actually done something criminal, her behaviour shows that she is not capable of putting her country before herself. There are other american in jail for far less. It's shameful.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton should be charged with espionage

    There has been some discussion about whether President Obama should charge Hillary Clinton under the Espionage Act. I, for one, believe that he should. The Espionage Act was designed to charge Americans who have released classified information to the press. Clinton has done so by casually implicating undercover agents in her email exchanges, emails which have now gone public. Because she has been so cavalier about this private information, she should be charged.

  • Yes, It's not an IF or either-or issue. Hillary should be in jail .

    One article I read recently had Hillary in violation of 6 laws and one of them was espionage. This is at least five more each than the other truth-tellers Obama has gone after (and Snowden who has been threatened with assassination). Her high crimes are far worse than any he has gone after and punished. They told the truth about illegal conduct by the US while she has done all of it for personal gain. Obama gave her a pass way back when he stated she had not endangered national security.

  • Yes, the Obama Justice Department should follow the recommendations from the FBI after their investigation is complete.

    The FBI is currently investigating whether Clinton broke the law while using her personal email server. If the FBI recommends an indictment, then yes, she should be charged with espionage, or whatever wrongdoing they find. President Obama should not play partisan politics to protect Clinton because the national security of the U.S. is more important than a political campaign.

  • Yes, Hillary is guilty of espionage.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton should be charged with espionage as her actions, although probably not malicious, were still responsible for CIA officers being identified. Her intentional use of a personal Email went against regulations placed on her as the Secretary of State, and she was in blatant and direct violation of these rules. There is no reason why she should be pardoned for this action, as many other elected officials would not receive the same treatment.

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