Hillary Clinton battles Bernie Sanders in Iowa: can a coin toss be taken seriously in a political race?

  • Both candidates are good ones

    I never thought I would say this but both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sare viable candidates for the presidency. A coin toss would normally be seen as offensive when used for such a serious determination as choosing the leader of the free world, but they would both be excellent leaders.

  • It's in the rules

    This is a standard practice in the Iowa caucus. Each precinct has a certain number of delegates, which much be split between the candidates. If two candidates have an exact tie and there are an odd number of delegates to be split, then the coin toss may be the only way to decide the winner. In the grand scheme of things, the Iowa caucuses don't really mean much. Iowa has only 44 delegates from the caucus, and this means a whole lot of nothing compared to the more than 2000 delegates nationwide. The coin toss is simply the easiest, least complicated way to declare a winner.

  • Technically, Hillary won without the coin toss. Barely.

    Even if you're a Democrat or Republican, you should try and look at it like an Independant. Should it be allowed at ANY debate? I don't think so. Plus, if you look at the final score, Hillary won by decimals. Bernie Sanders is starting to make Hillary a run for her money for the NOMINATION.

  • A coin toss is chance.

    Using a coin toss in a political race is stupid. This implies that whoever wins the presidential election wins by pure chance. A fifty-fifty probability. The real way for a person to win a political race is to gain the most votes from the constituents and people of America. Winning something through a coin toss is completely different than earning it.

  • No, a coin toss is an insult

    The entire point of the election process is that our vote counts. If either candidate won by one vote, then that vote matters. A coin toss is something done to decide who starts some form of game, not who will run a strong country in the free world. The election is just shy of a pony show as it is, we need to understand how important this is. We are failing.

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