Hillary Clinton Concedes Election: But Didn't She Actually Win Popular Vote?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but it is the electoral college that matters

    Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but it is the electoral college that matters. Many people have criticized the electoral college because it often differs from the popular vote and seems to make individual votes meaningless. However, the electoral college matches the congressional seats and was set up in the way it stands for good reason. Part of the votes are based on population, while the others are divided equally among the states. This gives both proportional and equal representation.

  • Yes, the electoral college must go.

    The electoral college is an antiquated, undemocratic system. How can we tell people that their vote counts when the more people voted for Clinton, but she lost the election? The country's entire political system is broken, and I think this entire election cycle highlighted that fact. Many people learned about "superdelegates" in the Democratic primary, and now we saw, as we saw in 2000, that the popular vote doesn't actually matter. These things need to change.

  • Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

    It is correct that Hillary Clinton conceded the election, and she did when the popular vote. However, my question is, So what? Under our constitutional republic the popular vote means nothing. The fact that this question was even asked demonstrates the absolute need for advanced civics classes all throughout high school-All four years.

  • The rules are the rules.

    We have the electoral college for a reason. The founders thought it was important. The founders thought that people needed to make sure that they didn't overlook the voice of the smaller, rural communities. Values differ in the country as opposed to large cities. Even though Clinton won the popular vote, she didn't win according to the rules of the election.

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