• She certainly did

    Hillary Clinton has already reeled in roughly 1.3 million more votes than Trump, and that number has been steadily increasing by the day. She is clearly the winner of the popular vote, and at the very least, should be proud of the moral victory she has achieved. It's unfortunate that the electoral college is in play and leans the other way, but I guess that's something to work on for the next time.

  • She got more votes.

    Hillary Clinton won the most votes but unfortunately she won in a country where that does not matter. The Electoral College was created to ensure dangerous people do not hold the highest office in the nation. This year, the Electoral College is going to prove that it is outdated and a complete failure.

  • Yes she did

    Well, at least she claimed the popular vote. To be clear, in this election more people stayed home than voted for either candidate. However if you just look at the popular vote ( that of individual citizens) Clinton appears as of now, to have received 1.7 MILLION more votes than Trump did. So there's no way Paul Ryan can really claim a mandate, and it's pretty clear the popular vote wasn't as close as the GOP would like us to think.

  • Yes, she did.

    Hillary won the popular election because she was the more popular canidate. Even if the people who did not vote, had actually voted, the results of the election would not have changed in way that would have pulled popular support towards Trump. In fact the low turnout of democrat voters in states with strict voter id laws suggests otherwise.

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