Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: Should President Obama issue a public pardon for Hillary's exposing of undercover CIA officers?

  • Yes if it is necessary for him to do so.

    Yes if it is necessary for him to do so, President Obama should issue a public pardon for Hillary's exposing of undercover CIA officers. She has been pushed time and time again to release her knowledge and emails that were on her server that it is hard for her to be criminally liable for the information that was released.

  • Why is this even a question?!

    The oath of office expressly stated "uphold the Constitution". If you're the President of the United States, how does pardoning such treasonist activity square with that?! Have we forgotten what the true intent behind Presidential pardons is for?! It's supposed to be reserved for extreme circumstances where in it has become clear that in order to right some horrific injustice, the highest officer in the land sees a moral obligation to intercede. HRC comes no where even CLOSE to representing the least of us deserving of such favor, grace and compassion. A presidential pardon of this woman would in fact stand out as the very best example of an abomination and a blatant DENIAL of everything principled that this country is supposed to stand for.

    You asked the ridiculous and preposterous question, should the President even CONSIDER a pardon of HRC and I say rousingly and emphatically "Hell NO!". Because I know that sometimes people seem to get confused about what ought to be obvious, let me reiterate: No. Hell no. Absolutely not. Not under any f'ing circumstances. Not now, Not ever. What part of no don't you understand?!

    It may already be irrelevant. If the President has ALREADY made the decision, then he needs to SERIOUSLY reconsider. But, if this trial balloon like question has a hope in reaching the President's ear prior to a determination being made, you should know my mind and the clarity if my reasoning.

  • Clinton should not be pardoned for the email scandal

    Hillary Clinton revealed the names of undercover CIA operatives on her email server. She should not be pardoned by President Obama for doing so: her casual treatment of the serious work that these operatives perform show her disregard for the importance of their position in keeping America safe. This is behavior that cannot be excused.

  • No, Hillary doesn't deserve a public pardon as she obstructed national security

    No, President Obama should not issue a public pardon for Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. In using a personal email, Clinton exposed undercover CIA officers, putting them at risk, but also hurting national security. This is a criminal action as she was instructed to use only the official email, so she should be charged accordingly.

  • No Pardons Necessary for Clinton

    Should the President issue a public pardon for Hillary Clinton in regards to the exposure of undercover CIA officers? No, a public pardon is not necessary because there are far more important issues concerning our country, as well as our government. Continuing to focus on this unnecessary issue takes time, focus and resources away from other urgent matters that have fallen by the wayside due to the extreme focus that Republicans have placed upon this issue. From clerks all the way up to the Representatives, many people employed in governmental positions have all accessed their emails through public servers. To grant a pardon now, just on the eve of the Democratic Primary, would be both unnecessary and seen as and admission of any potential wrongdoing, when in fact, there has been no concrete proof presented that what Mrs. Clinton did was illegal.

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