Hillary Clinton endorsed by U.S.'s largest LGBT organization: Is she currently the best democratic contender?

  • Hillary is definitely a strong contender

    An endorsement from the LGBT community is a gift for Hillary Clinton. This democratic race, which used to seem like it was in the bag for her, has transitioned into a tight race. I'm still sticking to her because she has the most experience at the highest level and truth be told I want to see a woman in the White House in my lifetime.

  • Knows more issues

    Hillary Clinton isn't strong on one or two issues like Bernie Sanders is, she has the breadth of experience and knowledge in almost all areas of government. She also has a track record of sticking up for people, like the LGBT community, who are often forgotten or dismissed by the government.

  • Sanders has a better shot because of her controversies and lies

    Also why the hell would a LGBT group support her. In her 2008 presidential run she said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Like several different incidents, and lies, involving Benghazi she is lying these days saying she is supportive. Liying to get votes and keep her run alive shameful.

  • Hillary's husband was the enemy to LGBT once.

    Considering that when the Clintons were in office the only thing they could get democrats and republicans to agree upon was the Defense of Marriage Act, I think the LGBT community could do with a better candidate. So here we are, 20 years later and she swings to this side of the fence. I don't trust her.

  • I think that Bernie Sanders is a better Democratic contender.

    Even though it is nice that Hillary is trying her hardest to be onboard with everything that is going on with LGBTQIA, she just isn't getting as 'hip' with the kids as Bernie Sanders. Sanders has understanding of things that people that are just now starting adulthood want in this generation.

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