Hillary Clinton gives concession speech: Should Clinton have waited until the day after the election to deliver her concession speech?

  • Should be no hurry

    There are issues with voter intimidation. A case should be made that an election decided by voter intimidation is invalid and a new one must be held.


    Regardless there's no reason to hurry.

    Given how awful Trump is my concession speech would've been:

    Well I concede since it is clear he has won. Now let's try our best to survive these next few years.

  • Yes, it is true.

    Hillary Clinton should have waited until the day after the election to deliver her concession speech. This is because she should have given her self enough time to digest the election results and also ensure the results were truly O.K. To add on that it actually feels like she accepted the loss.

  • it was 2am

    It was a hard fought and fairly close race. A lot of key states weren't called til very late in the evening/ early in the morning, so I have no issues with the timing of her concession (as hard as it was to hear). I know a lot of us stayed up to see results, but it was very late.

  • No, Clinton should have given consession speech speech on election day.

    Clinton should have given her concession speech on election day. If she would have won, I am very certain that she would have given a speech. She did call Trump and congratulate him on his victory. She should have spoken to her supporters who had been there all day and given a speech instead of going home and coming back the next day.

  • She lost the night before.

    Hillary Clinton knew that she was going to lose the election. That's why she cancelled the fireworks for election night. She was just stubborn and a sore loser to wait until morning to give the speech. Why drag out the inevitable? She should have let us all get to bed at a reasonable hour.

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