Hillary Clinton has 32 offices open in Arizona. Can she actually win the state?

  • Yes, Clinton can win Arizona.

    Yes, the huge effort that the Clinton campaign is putting into Arizona can change the voters' minds in that state and result in a win for her. I've seen this happen in Colorado where I lived. I participated in the campaign to change minds and hearts for Obama, and it was a success! Clinton's supporters can do the same in Arizona this year.

  • Yes, the race is very close

    The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is going to end up being closer than what most people are expecting it to be based on the poles. The fact of the matter is, either candidate has a viable chance to win every single state regardless of what the circumstances of that state are.

  • Yes, she can actually win the state.

    Yes, she can actually win the state. It may be difficult, since the state has almost always gone red, but this is a different type of election. Voters are starting to fear a Trump presidency, and many who voted for Romney will now vote for Clinton. The demographics are changing.

  • Yes, Hillary can win Arizona.

    Arizona has become a swing state and will be an important state to watch on Election Day. While one cannot assume the outcome for any one of our states with complete certainty, Arizona is definitely a state that Hillary could take. My answer would have been different if the Republican candidate had not turned out to be Trump.

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