Hillary Clinton has been caught lying for a year in her email scandal. Should this bring her campaign to a screeching halt?

  • Yes, lying should disqualify a person from being president.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton should suspend her campaign because she misled the American public. While one lie should not necessarily disqualify somebody from being president, Hillary Clinton knowingly lied to the public for over a year. The President must be somebody who can be trusted by both the American people and leaders of other countries. Additionally, Clinton may be indicted which would cause complications to her presidency.

  • No, Hillary Clinton's email scandal should not bring her campaign to a screeching halt.

    No, Hillary Clinton's email scandal should not bring her campaign to a screeching halt. Reports have shown that the email protocols that Clinton followed were similar to those of previous Secretaries of State. I believe that people are just looking for a way to drag Clinton down so that they don't have to face the fact that she is more qualified than any other candidate to hold the title of President of the United States.

  • Emails are a minuscule event

    The Republican establishment have been beating this drum for the last two years in the hopes of painting her as dishonest so it is now no shock when this is what is sticking to her, more so than even Benghazi. It was a trumped up charge from the jump, as many politicians have used personal devices for their emails, which includes both personal and business emails, yet no one else's feet are being held to the fire. It is sad that the American electorate has such a short attention span and seem to be unable to see when they are being duped. Good luck to her making over yet again another hurdle.

  • No, it should not stop her campaign

    She may have been caught lying, but it shouldn't affect her campaign. If you compare her to Trump, who lies on an almost daily basis about a whole range of things, she's the lesser of two evils. Her email "scandal" has not resulted in any national security issues or caused harm to others. We all know politicians lie regardless of party.

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