• Boo donald trump

    He does all sorts of things that are so bad the list would go on forever. The one that is one of the words is the fact that he is going to build a wall in Mexico that would be WAY too much money for the whole of Mexico to pay for.

  • Donald Trump sucks!

    1. He is negative!
    2. He points out the bad part in others!
    3. America will go back to the great depression!
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  • No Donald trump!

    Do we really need 1 of our contries leders to turn us into his slaves i mean is he himself going to carry out these tasks people have loved and loathed ? Didnt think so. He turns the best of us against each other why? Because he thinks he is supirior . But hes not

  • Not Donald Trump

    You can go repeat the Constitution and blab to the media how Donald trump is a great business man but do I care? Guess. I frown upon Hillary for being rich so I don't have any material to support her but Donald Trump is so rude and irrational and lives off his media advisors that he himself is not even a person he is a pig and the next Hitler.

  • He is awesome!!!!!!!

    He wants to get rid of drugs for GOOD!!!!!! I think that is awesome because i HATE drugs so much , and i do not any one to take them they can really kill people and that is really sad. That is why i think trump i so awesome and should be presdent.

  • Duck for Presidence

    Duck is viry neice, He made me lafght when he walled off my friends who sold me tha kush. Hes a pretty neat main. I appreciate his honestly about how much lazy I am n how Arabians should not be hear. I want more walls and walls are good for me and you.

  • She is not goog?

    The Hillhairy s a MLG but Terump es the border patrol
    I like how much Trump made may ancestors stay on their side of the border
    He is pretty fresh, also ClitYum is a ISIS and Im not oky with a ISIS in charge for president thanks you for redding

  • No trump boo!!

    1. He is negative for other country
    2. He always say about bad things for other
    3. He dislike korea where is know hard
    4. He is bad for other like citizens who are other side by him
    sucks trump sucks you can not be our president
    i disagree you

  • Donald Trump rocks!

    1. He is Positive!
    2. He points out the bad part in others!
    3. America will go back to being great!
    4. He will build the wall and deport criminals!
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    Posted by: Nawl
  • Not supported by superPACs.

    1.) He's not supported by superPACs.
    2.) He's not racist. He has been vastly misrepresented by the media because he is against the establishment.
    3.) He is a hard negotiator.
    4.) He has proven his financial competency. Bankruptcies are strategic.
    5.) The other nominees are liars or make wild promises that are far from what is realistically possible. It makes me wonder what their ulterior motives are.
    6.) Hillary is a liar.
    7.) Supporters of the liberal nominees seem to be more violent than Trump supporters , which is ironic since they preach peace.

    The political environment in this country feels like Orwell's 1984. I am a registered Democrat, but "political correctness" has gone so far it's stepping on the toes of free speech. It's out of hand. I go to a liberal arts college and I had a professor state that it was "instakarma" the Titanic sank because they did not allow a black boxer, Jack Johnson, on the ship, all the while teaching us about "tolerance" and "diversity". If tolerance were really the goal, the dead would not be disparaged in such a way. White guilt would not be rampant. We would work together instead of pointing fingers. We need to come together not play into the establishment's divide and conquer plan. Let the past be and focus on a better future. Band together to end "stop and frisk" and other policies that purposefully target minorities for social control. They keep families broken and races separated so that we cannot rise up. First, we need a strong economy, and I think Trump is the most competent candidate for economic recovery.

  • He isn't going to take bribes

    Almost every president has taken one or more bribe. Obama, for example, has signed the Monsanto Protection Act. The reason why this is an obvious bribe is that the white house serves organic dinners. Hillary has also done a Pro-GMO speech, paid for, and to do by Monsanto! And somehow the FDA still has kept aspartame legal due to an extra vote of an FDA executive sent from a pharmaceutical company, and banned dichloroacetate acid, just because it was a cheap chemo alternative that had no side effects though big corporations couldn't profit from it, that's why it was banned. Trump would end these bribes and make America great again!

  • Better than Hillary

    Although Donald Trump was thought to be a selfish, only money loving, and sometimes racist person, he is better than Hillary Clinton, the snide, yelling, email hiding, and not fit for president. Donald Trump is not the best fit for presidency although it would be better to have him than Hillary Clinton. I think in a way, He will show a very brave, strong side of America. SOO much better than Hillary.

  • Maik Amerika Grate Agin

    Hell yeh boi. Donald Trump for priest 2016. He is gonna help with the ISIS. I don't know how but if he tells us then someone else s gonna take the idea away. Fuck the wetback and niggers and isis people who think we r not good. Fuck Hilary and bernie. Dumbasses do not know wat they saying. DONALD TRUMP FOR PREIST.

  • Hilary sucks and only has five functioning brain cells up her butt and around the corner.

    Hilary has a criminal record. The only reason she is not on a trail is because she has a lot of powerful people protecting her. She is controlled by her donors. She wants to let all of the imigrants into america; legal or not legal. Just for saying that they should put her in jail and throw away the key. Trump is awesome man. Adios Mexicoco's. Mexico is the racist one, they let their drug dealers and criminals into this country. Trump's going to make mexico pay for that wall and make them build it and make them put their blood and sweat into making them pay for their criminals. As for isis. Screw isis. They are racist. I think we should capture them as prisoneers, hold them at gunpoint, whip them and make them build a second wall along the middle east. Then we capture more of them and force them to convert to christianity. Then just to make sure no other terrorist organization rises up, we blow up their bases anyway. Then dump any surving isis person that is still commited into the ocean and say,"swim

  • Trump all the way!

    Hillary Clinton is a liar, and a failed politician. Her policies are about as illogical as possible and most her entire following is voting for the SOLE PURPOSE of having a woman in office. Her argument are based off emotion rather than factual evidence, an average liberal if you ask me. Now let's look at Trump. Regardless of what the media tells us, Trump is NOT a racist. Rather than this he is against political correctness and feels the need to express his ideas. The reason the media is telling us Trump is "racist" or "xenophobic" is simply because he is anti-establishment. He is not a politician, rather a businessman, a patriot. He wants whats best for the country and has a plan on how to do it. Seems good to me.

  • Trump all the way

    I'm voting for Trump, he isn't a career politician and sees that immigration is a huge issue in this country.

    I think they should do away with career politicians, like Hilary, and force them to live by the rules and laws they set forth.

    I think that if that was to happen, they would make better decisions

  • Donald Trump is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

    Although Donald Trump is not too good of a candidate, there are worse candidates, such as Hillary. The Mexico Border he plans to build is 1. A good way to deport criminals, and 2. Relatively inexpensive! His ideas on how to handle ISIS are not that bad, either. He's also WAAAAAAY better than Bernie!

  • None Should Be President! Vote BERNIE!

    Donald Trump shouldn't be running for president. He is a liar and his educational level is really low! He also makes early conclusions about people. He says that all illegal immigrants should go back from where they came from and he doesn't like the poor. He believes white people are better than any other race. Caucasians are not the best race, every race is good. The thing is that white people were not here first, we all should know that the Native Americans were here first but their home was taken over. Why build a bigger wall so people from other places can't come to the US when the Whites themselves aren't where they are from? He is slowly turning out to be another Hitler.

    Hillary Clinton is also not a good person. You may think she is because she says all these things about black support and here me, that IS DEFINITELY something every state should have. But the thing is that she is a LIAR! She says things and then lies saying she didn't say that, then she makes more lies to cover her lies. If you've seen the commercials, you'd know that Hillary was sitting with Obama and she happy to be with him, but later at one of her speeches, what she said was very stupid. She says that some of Obama's decisions were stupid and shouldn't have been done. Phony much? She doesn't care about Black lives. She says things to get voters. She was friend of a certain former KKK (Klu Klux Klan) leader and says "He is someone America needs"

    If you ask me, Bernie is the best for President. He cares about Black lives. He was arrested several times protesting for black lives. He actually cares. Stupid Clinton. He is GREAT just research him then you'll see all the great things he wants to do for us. I can't list' em all!


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