Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote. Did Bernie Sanders really vote against the motor industry?

  • Motor Industry With Economies of Scale

    The revered automobile has been a cherished and vial statistic of the American economy for a long period. An escalated vision is needed in order for the germ of manufacturing-the design and structure the moulding-to become a place of an excited labor force again. These new objectives should be looked at with the aim to create long term viability for the new economy.

  • Sanders voted against the motor industry

    Hillary Clinton accurately reflected Bernie Sanders' vote against providing funds to bail out the auto industry. It was part of the larger bailout of the financial industry, which is what he found particularly objectionable. However, funds for the automobile manufacturers were also included in the bill, and hence he did not vote to approve the funds.

  • Isn't that a matter of record?

    They keep a congressional record to actually track votes on specific pieces of legislation. A more pertinent question might be does Senator Sanders' vote have any bearing on current financial and political scenarios? If Sanders was willing to allow a broken capitalist system collapse upon itself then, would he do the same again? Gracious, we can only hope.

  • not even a debate

    Hillary is up to her usual gimmicks and people need to wake up and realize who the real criminal is her. She is a disgrace to this country and should be locked up and put away for life. She shouldn't even be allowed to call herself an American citizen. Bernie had his right to vote the way he did and there is nothing wrong with that.

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