Hillary Clinton: Should she be tried in a criminal grand jury?

  • If She's Innocent, It Won't Matter

    In order to put the arguments against Hillary Clinton to bed once and for all, it would help her cause to put herself on trial and win. There is too much controversy swirling around her past decisions for her to be a serious candidate for president; if she wants to win, she has to set the record straight once and for all.

  • Yes as quickly as possible.

    I was a teenager during her husbands affair and perjury under oath, but I remember her saying the exact same thing, almost verbatim, that she is saying now: "It's just a right-wing conspiracy theory..." Well, despite the demonizing of the right for the duration of the investigation...The truth prevailed.


    A later interview with Dianne Blair even alluded to the fact that Hillary new about her husbands affairs even as she was pointing the finger at people like Linda Tripp and calling them bold-faced liars. By the way, here is what Linda Tripp, the one who blew the whistle on the affair, has to say about Hillary's presidential bid.


    Have you ever watched the several hours long deposition of the Benghazi hearing? The whole time, Hillary reasserts her "this is just a conspiracy theory" attitude and with her chin in her palm, and spends 11 hours pretending like a victim and accepting zero accountability for the Americans who were killed because of her negligence.

    Those that try to trivialize the "e-mail scandal" don't seem to realize that violating a subpoena for information under the freedom of information act is illegal, and any other U.S. citizen would go to jail for it. Her e-mails were not her property, but rather were the property of the office she was currently occupying.


    Don't just go with these two latest incidents though. Have a look at her entire criminal history.

  • Not Her Fault

    While I may not know a lot about the situations Hillary Clinton has found herself in, the deaths of soldiers is not her fault. She may have had an influence on the actions that resulted in their deaths, but that is an unfortunate affect of her position and any wartime situation.

  • Not in any way

    I'm sorry, but no. I've met Hillary Clinton and she's a lovely person. If you're talking about the email accounts thing - seriously, I don't think it's that big a deal. So she used a personal account to send some emails. It was a mistake, the emails have been released - no big deal.

  • No, of course not

    We all logically know the Republicans have launched a witch hunt against her in order to recapture the White House. They could care less about her emails or even Benghazi for that matter. It is those type of underhanded antics that makes the public distrust them. She should not be forced to endure the humiliation of a criminal grand jury. I guarantee all this goes away after the elections.

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