Hillary Clinton: Will Clinton's testimony on Benghazi affect her candidacy for president?

  • Foreign Policy failure

    Why would the American public support a candidate that couldn't sufficiently carry out foreign policy as a representative of Obama's cabinet?

    Every hour of denied support during the Benghazi scandal is mounting reason to not elect this incompetent potential presidential candidate. It's fairly obvious that this scandal would've hurt Hillary's political image during this re-election cycle and unfortunately for her, she couldn't sweep it under the rug.

    Also hilarious is the fact that Hillary cited a convenient concussion as the reason she couldn't testify over this whole Benghazi issue.

  • The way Clinton address this will affect her public perception.

    The way Clinton address this will affect her public perception and will either gain her more favor in the public eye or drastically shoot down her approval rating. She must make sure that her testimony sways the people she is addressing largely in her favor. She must also appear sincere or she will fail at her goal.

  • Republicans will get burned if they bring up Benghazi

    Whether the administration lied or seriously didn't know is speculation but what isn't speculation is that republicans cut funding to the embassy security? Who do you blame the people who tried to cover it up or the people that made it happen? Republicans trying to use this against Clinton or anybody will back fire back Republicans were and are responsible for the cutting of the embassy security. Bush had over 13 benahzis and not a single word from Faux News was spoken about them but all the sudden Benghazi is the end of the freaking world. 4 Americans died and it seems to be so evil that this happened when 1.) that's why troops are there. To make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their country. 2.) more Americans die because of republican policies 3.) 7 Libyans died that ironically, none of the republicans can to acknowledge as being awful. Now you can make the decision; do you want to try to play politics with Benghazi when you know it's going to backfire and you'll get all the blame. It's not like Republicans were going to vote for her anyway and they're the only ones that are ignorant to the truth.

  • No impact at all

    Benghazi is an enormous joke. Yes some Americans were killed at a consulate on foreign soil and the administration may have dragged their feet classifying it as terrorism for one reason or another. The Bush administration and every administration before it saw plenty of attacks and deaths at American embassies and consulates. No potential voter for Clinton thinks Benghazi is even remotely relevant while plenty of those who aren't going to vote for her based on the D next to her name on the ballot think Benghazi is literally WW2 that Obama tried to cover up. Benghazi is a joke.

  • No, Benghazi will not affect Clinton's candidacy.

    No, Clinton's Benghazi testimony will not affect her candidacy for president. Despite the high level of attention that the Benghazi tragedy has received, there has been no credible evidence of any wrongdoing by the State Department. Clinton has been consistent and honest with her testimony. Additionally, it is unlikely that Benghazi will be an important enough issue for voters in the 2016 election.

  • No, I don't believe it will.

    Although I would argue that it should effect her bid for presidency I ultimately don't think it will. Many people have no been informed about the failure and lies that was the Benghazi scandal and the people that have been informed, most of them have just stopped caring. The only people that do care are the voters that would never have voted for her in the first place.

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