Hillary Clinton's campaign sparks new questions. Should gender be a factor in determining your vote?

  • Gender neutral in politics

    Men and women are equal in every way, the idea of sex being a factor in elections is frankly insulting. If the best candidate is a woman it should make no more difference than his party, his sexual orientation, or even his race. Each factor might generate differing viewpoints, but the diversity is good and can only add to a candidate's appeal.

  • The best qualified candidate should be elected, period. Hillary is NOT that candidate

    There are women I think would make good presidents. Elizabeth Warren for one. Tulsi Gabbard would also be an excellent president.

    Hillary Clinton, however, I'll plug my nose and vote for her in November if I must, but she has a bad track record. Wall Street speeches, and support for free trade deals which are disastrous both for Americans who lose jobs and foreign workers who are exploited at low wages.

    Her views change based on campaign donations and public opinion. There are several examples. Gay marriage, against, now for the TPP, for, now against. For a more illustrative example check this out,


    In 2000 as first lady she met with Elizabeth Warren, then a professor, and learned about the effects a bankruptcy bill would have on everyday Americans. After talking to her she told Elizabeth Warren "we got to stop this awful bill". She talked to Bill and got him to veto the bill.

    Then as Senator the very next year she voted for the same bill. And at the time she had received campaign contributions from the banking industry and credit card companies which stood to benefit from the bill.

    We can NOT trust Hillary. Vote for Bernie. He has been consistent in where he stands. Hillary has NOT.

  • Gender Should not be a Deciding Factor for Voting

    Voting for a presidential candidate is a huge responsibility as well as a privilege. The decision of who to cast your vote for should always be based on the track record of the candidate. Are they a leader who you will stand behind and support always? Or will you regret having voted for them just because of their gender?

  • Isn't it time we get past this?

    I know you can interpret it one way: people are voting for Hillary because she's a woman. But then you have to remember the people who are not voting for Hillary because she's a woman. Vote for her (or don't) because of her record, her qualifications, and her ability to perform the job. Let's not make gender a determining factor.

  • Gender should not be a factor in determining your vote.

    I think the most important trait for a president to have is leadership. A quick google search of qualities of a leader show such qualities as: Integrity, Dedication, Openness, Creativity, Fairness and Assertiveness. Anyone who thinks gender should be a factor in determining my vote would have to convince me that somehow there is a difference in anyone of the above qualities between genders. As a male, I know women are just as dedicated, have just as much integrity, and have all the same qualities of men. In all my research of a leader I have yet to see something that says a leader must be physically strong. I believe we are past that. The mind is what is important now and I don't think women lack anything compared to men when it comes to the mind.

  • Gender does not matter

    Just because Hillary is a woman does not mean that she is a good candidate to vote for, nor does it mean that she would make a good president. Men and women are just as capable of such an office. Same as with race. People should vote for the candidate who seems best suited for the office to them, and their vote should not be based on pointless factors like sex.

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  • Combating sexism with sexism

    Is not the answer, we should look at people's capacity to govern instead of looking at their genitalia or color of their skin. Sadly the american people made that mistake once, picking a president based on his race, and 8 years after picking him, race relations between blacks and other races is at its worse since the 60s.

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