Hillary Clinton's doctor says she has pneumonia. Do you think she has a more serious health issue?

  • She is very sick.

    Hillary Clinton does not have pneumonia--or that is certainly not the only thing wrong with her. Her excuse of being overheated in 70-degree weather on 9-11 just doesn't add up. From the videos, it appears that she is dealing with a serious neurological problem, and voters deserve the truth before casting their votes.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Clinton has no known drug allergies, does not smoke, use tobacco products or illicit drugs and drinks occasionally, according to Bardack, who also details her exercise regime: yoga, swimming, walking and weight training.
    Clinton is up to date on health tests, including a colonoscopy and a few other tests not often seen in a presidential candidate's health disclosure: gynecologic exam, mammogram and breast ultrasound.

  • There is no evidence

    People can speculate all they want, but unless you think that the doctor is lying, there is no reason to believe that there is a more serious health issue. People can pull individual video clips all they want, and make unfounded claims without any real medical knowledge, but that doesn't make it true that it's more serious.

  • Clinton does not have a health issue more serious than pneumonia

    Donald Trump has been hinting that Hillary Clinton has some serious health problem for months, despite there being no evidence of that from Hillary Clinton's doctor or the candidate herself. So-called walking pneumonia is not uncommon, so there is no reason to suspect it is a symptom of some more serious illness.

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