Hillary Clinton's honesty is being questioned after her pneumonia diagnosis. Is she hiding something more serious about her health?

  • Yes, Parkinson's Disease

    Several medical experts have analyzed her behavior in clips found online. One video on YouTube showing her making spastic motions with her head indicates Parkinson's, according to experts. The most recent video of her stumbling, having to be held up by staff, is yet another sign of Parkinson's. Parkinson's symptoms include inability to control facial/bodily movements.

  • She is lying.

    Hillary Clinton has already proven that she is dishonest and can't be trusted. She has lied to the American people before, and she's doing it again now. I don't think that anyone who views the videos of her symptoms can possibly believe that she is only suffering from pneumonia. Something much bigger is going on.

  • We're not fools

    Hillary Clinton thinks that we don't have any common sense. Pneumonia doesn't make you have a seizure. Pneumonia doesn't make you have coughing fits. She has allergies one day, then overheating the next day, and then pneumonia. She cancelled appearances in California for later this week. We know that's a sign that she is very gravely ill.

  • yes, because she stumbled during 9/11 comemorations

    Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to a pneumonia in recent weeks. During the ceremony, she felt overheated and stumbled. In my opinion, she has to withdraw her candidacy for the office. Being president of the biggest country in the world is one the toughest challenge you have to face in a lifespan and a good shape is needed.

  • No, she is healthy.

    I don't think Hillary Clinton is hiding something more serious concerning her health, the fact that she did not disclose her pneumonia diagnosis does not mean she is being dishonest with her general health condition. Pneumonia is not a serious condition that can affect her campaign, it is very much treatable.

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