Hillary heads for Europe: Is Hillary a moderate like Bill, or a liberal like Obama?

  • She is a moderate.

    Hillary is very different, yet similar to Obama. Hillary is not Liberal in her economic views as she is a cheerleader for big corporations and Wall Street. But she is a social Liberal meaning she supports gay marriage, universal health care, path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, etc. Also as a Liberal I do not believe Obama is a Liberal himself he is just a populist.

  • Yes, Hillary is a moderate like Bill.

    Based on Hillary's voting record and opinions on topics such as abortion, gay marriage, civil rights and education, she is a moderate. Her values and opinions are more conservative than many of her counterparts including Obama. She wants to reduce abortions, let States decide Gay marriage, and improve funding to public schools.

  • Hillary is a moderate

    I think that Hillary is a moderate like Bill Clinton was. I think that she has a little bit stronger views then Obama. I think although she is a moderate she is still able to relate to the other parties and would really be a great leader for our Country.

  • Obama isn't a damn liberal.

    As a Liberal, I can tell you Obama is a Centrist moderate.

    The radicalism of the GOP just makes him seem liberal by comparison, but Obama is a Centrist appeaser and a corporate shill.

    I'm happy he's not Mittens though. That guy was a doofus and a completely two-faced individual. Who knows what Mittens actually believes. He will say and do anything to win.

  • Too much contact with Bill Ayers.

    When Hillary Clinton was at Wellsley College, she got a large dose of liberalism. Bill Ayers became a mentor to her, just as he was to Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on the premise that radicals should overtake the government from the inside, rather than simply be agitators on the outside.

  • No, she is a liberal.

    Most of her policies are extremely liberal and similar to Obama's. I also wouldn't really say that Bill was a moderate either. Her fiscal and social policies mirror all of the Democrat's stances on the issues. I think she would carry out Obama's policies much better than he did, but she would not be a moderate.

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