Hillary or Trump? What do you think? Who is right?

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  • Why do we need these guns?

    Gun Control is a controversial topic that is continuously discussed among Americans because everyone seems to have different views and opinions on the subject. Some get their evidence from various sources, some from watching the news, but others get their views on the subject solely from word-of-mouth to develope their own, uneducated opinions. As of lately, a lot of controversy on this topic has stuck in the debates between our two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump, who is our republican nominee, believes that we should protect our second amendment right. In a brief summary, he believes this because if you take the guns away from “everyone,” the innocent people are going to be left without protection while the bad guys are still armed because the bad guys won’t give up their guns because of the law, according to procon.Org. Hillary thinks much different, if they haven't made that evident. She wants to prevent guns in America and plans to do this by expanding background checks to more gun sales, taking on the gun lobby by making it possible to hold them responsible. Also want to make sure to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill by making it a federal crime for someone to buy a gun for someone prohibited to own one. She plans to do this by taking a common sense approach. As you can see, Hillary and Donald’s thoughts on this issue are very much different, which is a good example of how the rest of our country feels on this topic. But most, like myself, are confused on what side to take. Do you think Hillary or Donald are right? Are either of them right? There has been more mass shooting in America in the past few years than ever before and I do believe that control on guns would be beneficial to our country according to the Washington Post. On the other hand, I believe that strict background checks and strict mandatory procedures should happen as well before you are ever eligible to purchase a gun of any sorts. There is no reason at all why there should be assault rifles sold in the United States of America. In the recent Orlando nightclub shooting, the shooter used a Sig Sauer MCX rifle, which is a gun specifically designed for military use. Why did a American citizen own this gun or even have access to it when it was specifically made for military usage for special operation soldiers who needed something with low visibility and noise? That is why I believe we do need gun control of some sort, but I also think that guns are a good protection source for capable people to own. I do not think everyone is capable of owning a gun. I agree with Hillary and Donald, but disagree with both as well.

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