Hillary praising Kissinger and the Reagans: Should we just vote for Bernie?

  • Yes, we don't know what Clinton actually stands for.

    It's very difficult to know what Hillary Clinton stands for. She was involved in Barry Goldwater's campaign, and now she's praising Reagan and Kissinger. She used to be anti-gay marriage for a long time, and then suddenly she decided that she was pro-gay marriage. It seems like she will say whatever she needs to say to get elected. Bernie Sanders has been saying the exact same things for as long as he has been in politics. We know exactly what we're getting with him.

  • No, vote for who you feel is best fit for office.

    Many voters these days focus too much on issues such as this. When it comes to elections, the most important thing to base your vote on is who you feel will do the best job for this country. This is determined by looking at their stances on various issues and evaluating if you feel these stances are adequate for what you are looking for in our next President. If Hilary praising Kissinger or Reagan is unforgivable, then, by all means, vote for Bernie. However, I would argue that there are more important things to worry about than this.

  • Her praise of former republicans should not be a factor in your voting decision.

    When considering whour to vote for, there are numerous factors to consider. Those which should be weight the strongest are things like past track record of working in office, or what their plan is once in office and how it will affect you. Making your decision based on trivial things such as them paying respect to a fellow human, is a kin to judging them by their looks or personal lives. Stuck to facts and plan when deciding.

  • No, Hillary's praise of Kissinger and teh Reagans should not cause people to vote for Sanders

    No, Hillary Clinton's praise of Kissinger and the Reagans should not cause people to vote for Bernie Sanders. The Kissingers and the Reagans did a significant amount to contribute to this country even if they were not democrats. The fact that Hilary praised these groups of people should not cause anyone in the American voting public to change their vote.

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