Hinduism : The Best Religion n the Earth or not ?

Asked by: makmd
  • Hinduism is the most Peace-Friendly and Morally guided religion !

    Ya, though I don't respect any religion or religious belief in this world , without any bias , I say that Hinduism is the best one , due to its Peace,Dharma,Equality principles .... Pls don't comment due to hurt or hatred feelings ..... Debate being a logical unbiased person !

  • 'Best' is subjective

    While I do find Hinduism to be very peaceful and interesting, there is no right or wrong answer to this question due to the sheer subjectivity of it. Some people may not feel that 'peacefulness' makes something the best and would instead argue in favor of violence. It's all a matter of opinion.

  • Not a matter of plural

    If you believe in and worship just one god, ok it's a religion and you may not have to argue about your religion with others. But in Hinduism, there are many gods and you are free to change your god. That doesn't make sense because religion gives just one thing which you believe in and worship. And religion is not something that anyone who wants can change and rewrite or regenerate. There are lots of sectarians in Hinduism. Everyone has a secterian. Some worships cow. I just don't understant it. It is meaningless to worship something good for nothing. I mean human being has more in spiritual compared to a cow. Of course someone can love cows and other aninals but to worship is just meaningless. Religion is something that makes you worship something you cannot sense with your five sense organs.

  • Hinduism just like the Easter Bunny

    There is no 'best' religion. Hinduism is as silly as all other man constructed beliefs. The few relevant ethical or moral lessons you can extract you could easily derive the same message from common sense or a Dr Seuss book. Obviously, I am anti-religious but I am equally anti an adult believing in Santa Claus.

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