Hispanic/Latin-America is more race-friendly than Anglo-America

Asked by: Hawlucha
  • Hispanic/Latin-Americans are more race-friendly than Anglo-Americans

    Spanish-speaking communities in America are more universal as an ethnic group than Anglo-speakers as the latter is often divided by labels such as "black" "white" "native" "asian" etc. The Latino population descended from Ibero-European colonists, African slaves, Native Americans, and even/or Arabians and as such are more unified as a community and at the same time value their ethnic and national roots as opposed to blacks and whites outside of that scope, whom are almost always at war, debating on whether or not privilege exists.

    What do you guys think?

  • Definitely. The most race-friendly culture I've ever seen

    I haven't been to any Latin American places first hand but from what I've seen on the TV and the multitude of Colombian/Brazilian backpackers I've met I'd have to say they are the most racially neutral people. Except for maybe Mexicans. Blood In Blood Out and other gang films depicts Mexicans as anti-white. And word of mouth is that Mexicans hate blacks

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