Historicity of Jesus: Did a historical Jesus ever really exist?

  • By almost all historic scholarship he certainly did

    There is a small fringe group of people who deny a historic Jesus, but they are just that, fringe, but are popular on the internet among non-scholars. They are in the same category as the ancient alien theorists. Even secular scholars such as the critic of Christianity Bart Ehrman acknowledge a historic Jesus. We can see this in Tacitus and others. To reject this, in order to be consistent, you would have to throw out a great many historic figures that are accepted to have certainly existed by a vast majority of scholars.

  • For realsies, he did

    The existence of Jesus is the most parsimonious explanation for the rise of Christianity. Paul actually met Jesus' brother, James. The early Christians claimed Jesus was crucified, which is the last thing they would've claimed about the messiah if they were making him up. They also claimed he was from Nazareth even though they knew the messiah was supposed to have been from Bethlehem.

  • Jesus definitely existed

    A Jesus of Nazareth did exist. He was crucified on a cross by the Roman Government. That is history no matter what you or any other religion believe in. Now, what's in question is 1) Did Jesus perform miracles? 2) Did Jesus resurrect? 3) Is Jesus the Son of God?

  • Jesus is a myth

    There is no empirical evidence that a man named Jesus Christ ever existed. All the supposed evidence dates far beyond his supposed lifespan, and many of these have been discovered to have either been forgeries, edits from their original material to fit Jesus in, or not really talking about Jesus at all. The fact is his life makes far more sense in the context of religious myth than it does as the life of an actual flesh and blood human being.

  • Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proofs.

    With apologies to Carl Sagan, who did exist, the world is still waiting for a shred of hard, contemporaneous evidence of Jesus. How about a few written lines from the man himself, or by somebody who saw him, or met him, or heard him, or even heard about him, during the first 30 years of the Common Era? Or an inscription, or a drawing, or a memorial, or a potsherd, or anything at all? So far, folks, it's just not happening.

  • Jesus did NOT exist!

    Jesus did not exist because the bible is man made. How can a book that had NO factual evidence to support Jesus' existence other than nonsense times and dates? And don't even get me started with him healing a girl's vision, walking on water, and more fable miracles. Another reason why is because people spread Jesus' existence via word of mouth, which can be altered or edited to fit other people's deeds. There is also WAY too many plot holes in the story of Jesus Christ, and extremely random time gaps. Now back to the miracles. What evidence is there to show the miracles really happened in that exact place? The bible does state that there are MANY places the scenarios occur at, and researchers or historians have found no evidence at those places. Therefore, that is why I do NOT believe Jesus Christ exists.

  • Because of the way the bible was meant to be read a historical Jesus can not be seen to exist.

    Since the Bible can be seen as more of a book of faith and not so much a historical book,then a historical Jesus can not really be shown to be true.There are many gaps in the timeline regarding the life of Jesus and no one really knows what went on during this time.

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