History Battlefield: Spartans (500) (Yes) vs Vikings (500) (No)

Asked by: AnAsianPanda
  • phalanx all day.

    The Spartans, were a more powerful and disciplined force. While on the other hand Vikings would host wild attacks without cordination. Plus the Spartans would use the dreaded "Phalanx" attack/defence formation all day to end the raging hoard of vikings. So vikings any day! FORMATION is key thats why they were feared warriors

  • Spartans are strong.

    Spartans has more physical training and more orderly. They have more armor and brutal strength than the vikings. The vikings fight a tight formation and will try to get in a close quarter combat, but they are raiders and they don't really expect the enemy to fight them. That is why the spartans willwin

  • Vikings Weren't Decimated

    Although the Spartans were legendary in their defense at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE, the Vikings were feared throughout Europe for their tenacity and strength. Norse people plundered and destroyed much of their territory and even sent ships across the Atlantic to try to settle another continent during the highest point of Viking culture. In terms of world influence, the Vikings were better in terms of Western civilization.

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