History, dangers of teaching in schools: Is it dangerous to teach History to school pupils?

  • Animals deserve to live no matter the species

    In zoos, many animals are live entertaiment to the public; however, they are still fed as if they were in the wild. If animals are breeded or captured just to be ruthlessly fed to another for the purpose of human profit, that is wrong. Every animal, person, or being has the inherent right to life, where in this aspect they have no option.

  • Real school lock downs

    What is one school policy that I think we should change at our school? I think one policy that schools should change is not being permitted to have their electronics ready hand. What if you need to call your parent(s) for something important such as if there was a real school lock down, we can’t because teachers and other staff or people won’t let us, what do we do then? Plus if a armed person enters your school lock down area or classroom then you might never see you family ever again!

  • There are no stupid questions you say.. Here's one!

    Of course we need to teach history and it needs to be more in depth than memorizing names and dates for a few weeks, only to later dispose of the information.

    Really what we need from the study of early western civilization all the way through US history and current world problems is a better understanding of the western and American identity via history.

    Warts and all analysis is the only way to go.

  • No, it's dangerous not to teach history.

    As the saying goes, we are doomed to repeat history if we do not know it and understand what happened. So students need to study it. However, it should not just be the story of wars and battles. It needs to explore the attitudes and habits of everyday people and the mistakes that those in leadership have made.

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