History. Do we need them to achieve progress?

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  • We should have History

    Although it isn't NEEDED, it would be incredibly useful to have to keep us from making any mistakes like the ones we have already made. Things such as the massacres that have happened or any wrongful things we've done such as segregation and the Holocaust. I hope you will consider my opinion

  • History is humanity's memory.

    History may not always be recanted perfectly, but we still learn from its principles. Building a society without history is like being a human with a one second memory, never to learn anything or grow, you would just do the same things over and over despite their consequences. 1 1

  • History as a motivational factor

    After that, history acts as motivational factor. Our forefathers such as Lee Kuan Yew, Elizabeth Choy and Sir Stamford Raffles has toiled hard to bring Singapore to where it is now. Also, as they are recognised for their actions through writing them in history textbooks. People also learn moral values from them and also becoming a motivational factor. Here is my personal example, when I was Primary 4, we were learning about Elizabeth Choy's contribution during the Japanese Occupation. I wondered how Elizabeth Choy how confident as she had to pawn her own life so that she could distribute food to the Prisoners of War so that they would not die from malnutrition. In addition, when she was caught and was tortured with picana with a inhumane voltage of 12000V throughout her body to reveal to them about her intentions, plans and also whether she knows anything about Chinese hooliganism. Although high voltage were passed through her body, she did not to reveal anything to the Japanese soldiers. This shows us how resilient was Elizabeth Choy throughout the hardships she faced from the Japanese soldier. Then I was felt fortunate as I did not have to face the hardship and till now she remain as a motivational figure for me. Therefore, history still remains as a motivating factor and it is needed as we progress to the future.

  • History is everything.

    Part of problem with studying history is that only a fraction of what existed in antiquity still exists today. So envitably, conlusions are drawn and hyothesis formed. However an interesting thing happens when you can have colour photographs, HQ video, blogs, news outlets..That have the potential to be preserved forever. How much more would we know about Rome if that were the case?

    A society 100 years from now will have more information about us, than any other future society looking back on its forefathers. The study of the past will become vitally importan.. Half the reason no body underserstands why global forces act the way they do, because they don't no jack about history.

  • Not necessarily, but...

    It's better to know our history so we don't repeat previous mistakes and remember.

    Like with the past, there's so much we don't know because information wasn't handed down, and so many people try and figure it all out. With learning history, the information is passed down and remembered so we don't have to waste time figuring it all out.

    It's also useful. If we see what we did before that clearly didn't work out because, it was, well, stupid, the we won't do it again. But if we've forgotten we'd probably do it again because us humans are like that (ha ha I'm joking).

    And also people look kinda weird if they don't know basic history, I personally wish our school would teach us more about history than the amount of rainfall using a graph. Like if someone goes 'hey you know this and that from so and so year?' And you go 'what's that' and it's something so famous or something, then yeah...

    Although some parts of history can be biased, ie if it was written by some other group like with the Vikings. But then they should tell us that's what's portrayed, and that they don't actually KNOW the truth. But people believe what they want to believe, aye?

    Anyway, sorry if I've got some factually incorrect information here. If I do feel free to point it out, I wouldn't mind (I'm only fourteen so sorry)

    Posted by: dela
  • History is biased.

    I think history helps somewhat but as my teacher in 9th grade said history itself is biased. You only hear history through the eyes of the victor. For all history about the people that didn't survive or was killed is destroyed. So all the written history dating back to Sumer could be biased because they can say anything they want and who would go against them? I believe history is sided towards the people who survived and we can never know what truly happens.

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