• He litrally saved germanh

    Germany was in a horrible economic spot until the great hitler saved it by finding the problem and punishing the jews, Unfortunately many nations where jealous hitler found the problem and decided to go to war with him, They then split germany in 2 after hitler helped it, All hitler did was address a problem

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  • Biased history z1ónîzm

    The victors are the ones writing the history books. Adolf fought the parasitical zionists that try to control their politics and bankins systems, In which he failed. The zionists are too spread out across the globe and rooted their ways into basically anywhere that would allow them (zionists) to gain control over people. Hitler was racially conscious, Not a racist. Never did he enslave people of another race or limit their rights other than those of the Jews. Not all Jews were consciously destroying the white race, But they sure did empower them.

    And lookie now. America (zionist controlled victor) is going to fall soon. Western Europe has been flooded with migrants from other ethnicities. The white race is slowly dying. . Yet people like to talk about BLM and that nonsense. By the way it was the whites (western europeans) to halt slave trafficking and have it forbidden in the first place. Slavery is still very much a thing in muslim cultures for example.

    Look into this kind of stuff yourself, Try not having a bias but looking at the facts. The holocaust is a semi-hoax.

    Adolf, Bless you, That you were doing the right thing for us Western Europeans

  • Hitler was the wrong.

    In modern society, Murder is considered bad. He was one of the people who commited the largest number of genocide. Not to mention this was all directed to one target, Jews. Jews were tecincally a part of Germany as well, So basically he was murdering his own kind. And on the topic of how modern society works, I will set an example that shows a similar reasoning to Hitler. The murdering of George Floyd. Both the murdering cop and Hitler are alike, They both hated a specific race. This shows that Hitler was not the goodie goodie as some people think. As we already know, Lots of people are triggered because of George Floyd's death, Now imagine how many people would be triggered from more that millions of death.

  • Of course not

    Hitler was a terrible person who was probably disturbed by the First World War and his abusive daddy into extreme nationalism and antisemitism. He got to power through murder and bullying, And then committed the Holocaust, Where Jews, Gays, Slavs, POWs, And Political Enemies were sent to concentration camps to work to death, And at least 12 million people died. He also started the Second World War, Destroying Poland, And fighting the Russians, Who took the most casualties of any side.

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