• We have been taught a lie.

    If you go beyond what the establishment wants you to know about him, If you listen to him and see all the good he did for his fatherland. And if you listen to his words you will hear how they ring true today as much as they did then.

    Https://www. Bitchute. Com/video/5MBOQ7IAg0Cd/

    Wake up! Realize that what is happening now is the same that happened in the 30s! Realize that great hostile powers conspire against us. But also realize that these powers only know tactics of decit and lies, If we rise and resist they will fold. Not easily, Now much as then there will be acusations, War mongering and perhaps even war. But it is necessary for the alternative is extinction.

    Act now while time still is! Resist the international clique! Unite under the swastika 卐!

    卐 Awaken children of the sun! 卐

  • The Holocaust was a lie.

    Zionists used this fake event - that never happened - to gather all the Jews in Occupied-Palestine and earn legality.

    This was a way to occupy the Palestinians motherland.
    So the Zionists needed to tell the Jews around the world that everywhere is unsafe for them, But the Occupied-Palestine.
    Exactly what they are doing to Iraq, Syria, And now Iran. Just to make a feeling that these child-killer Zionists are Innocent and want their so-called god-promised land - which they don't deserve, According to Quran's Is'rah Sura, Aya 1 to 8.

    I believe and I Know Jews around the world who are fighting against the Zionists propaganda and try to show they are not aligned with Zionists.

    Please take a closer look around.

  • Hitler brought ruin upon his country.

    If you ACTUALLY look at what happened in nazi Germany, Not neo-nazi propaganda on bitchute, You will realize that while yes, The nazis weren't completely wrong and bad, Banned human zoos, Discouraged smoking etc. But the incredibly high amounts of atrocities they committed completely overshadows any good they did. Sure they banned human zoos, But they also locked people up in concentration camps, They discouraged smoking but also burned people. They built up their own nation (at first) but brought ruin to many more.

    Then there is the fact that these atrocities were only what the nazis were able to do, Had they won they would have no doubt executed generalplan Ost and in the long run wipe out, Enslaved and replaced the populus of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarussia, Ukraine, Russia (west of the Urals).

    The nazis left Germany in ruin, A bombed and destroyed nation. It was stripped of it's eastern territories and divided between the victorious powers.

    Adolf Hitler is one of histories most evil men and I hope he will forever be remembered as such.

  • Your immortal hero was a weak and a druggie

    He destroyed the powerful German nation and ended up getting a lot white males killed.
    It did not matter if he had German engineering or was in the occult or did blitzkrieg he lost to black Americans and to the allies. He could not even beat Russia that was at a unstable period.

    He was wrong. Jews were not the greatest threat. Hitler was the greatest threat to white people. He lost he teeth to drug abuse and the cowered might have suicided or ran away to Latin America country like the loser he was.

    The same is happening. The greatest threat to white people to day is not jews its TRUMP. He is ruining america and losing power colored people.

    So go ahead have your all boy secret meeting with your boy friends. Give yourselves fake names live Sven and Thor. You are the one destroying yourselves and I 100% certain that some of your secret boy club members do drugs and are losing their teeth.

  • The cause of the holocaust was fueled from his hatred, And racisms.

    I don't under stand why some people even think that Hitler was a supreme ruler. He created a racism movement that would alter world history. He was terrible, And made lots of people suffer, Even his home country. If you think about it, The Jews were also a part of Germany, Meaning which he was killing off his own kind. He would also continue on with more and more genocide, And end up killing far more people than he intended. It was a dark time, And Hitler was NOT a good ruler and never was good at anything like that. I don't understand how some people agree that Hitler was a great dictator, Yet they somehow still support the BLM movement. It's basically the same thing, Just in the past.

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