HIV detected in "cured" baby: Is there enough being done to prevent the spread of HIV?

  • They created a deterrent:

    I was listening to NPR the other day and apparently they've created a serum that weakens the HIV virus and how it spreads so the vaccine would not cure HIV but would be given to people who have HIV in order to weaken the ability of the virus to infect new hosts due to how it works. That said it isn't that this is astounding in and of itself but rather it's proof that we're looking hard at how to really tackle the problem; if we can't win the war against the disease but can reduce it's spread that too is a form of proactive approach.

  • Yes the programs directed at preventing the spread of HIV are working.

    The HIV virus is spread by mainly by high risk activities, such as sharing needles and unprotected sex. Only so much can be done to regulate those activities, giving out free needles, making condoms available for anyone who wants them without charge and educating people on how to protect themselves from getting infected.

  • Yes, I believe there is.

    Normally when a woman is pregnant she can be given drugs to prevent the spread of HIV to her baby. These drugs are actually very effective when taken from the onset of pregnancy. HIV rates have been coming down over the last few decades now that people know the steps they can take to prevent it.

  • Criminalize Consentual Sex With HIV

    When people are caught having sex with HIV, they need to be held criminally accountable. Sexual activity spreads the disease. If a man and a woman that both have HIV conduct intercourse they run the risk of creating a child with the disease. Same sex couples continually claim they are the same same as traditional couples so they should not be exempted from liability for their unsafe behavior.

  • In industrialized countries there is always more that can be done.

    We live in an industrialized country today. Yet instead of using our wealth and power to help the world in good ways, such as stopping the spread of HIV. There is always more to be done, we just need to look at the world to get our objectives straightened away.

  • Not until it's cured

    Enough will be done when enough is done to cure it. Until then, we can always give more, focus more, and keep the pursuit of a cure well in-mind during times of charitable giving.

    Is enough being done to cure cancer? Never, not until it's cured. AIDS/HIV is the same, it will never be enough, until it is.

  • There is simply not enough being done.

    HIV is still one of the deadliest pathogens to have ever existed on this planet. The retroviral drugs are still too expensive in places most sorely effected by HIV. Moreover, HIV screening is also not free in areas that are beginning to fester with HIV. Lastly, education regarding HIV is also lacking, resulting in poorer sexual choices, and inadequate knowledge about the disease.

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