• Yes, the HIV epidemic in Russia has reached a tipping point.

    The HIV epidemic in Russia has reached a tipping point, according to most experts. It has become a crisis that will not be able to be ignored much longer. Unfortunately, that does not mean Russia will make a proper and adequate response to the epidemic. It may be up to other nations to respond, whether by choice or by necessity.

  • Patients Deserve Better

    The HIV epidemic in Russia has reached terrible proportions. The country needs to realize that what they are doing to prevent and treat HIV just isn't working. Russia is at its tipping point currently. Policy changes and updated medications need to be enacted soon to prevent a complete public health crisis.

  • Yes, the HIV Epidemic in Russia has Reached a Tipping Point

    HIV infections in Russia have reached record levels with more that one million people HIV-positive
    Russia has noted that the epidemic is getting stronger and that there is a real risk that the infections will become a generalised epidemic. Although HIV is mainly restricted to one subgroup of the population, HIV rates will soon reach a level that it will quickly spread through the rest of the population.

  • HIV Epidemic is just a news title

    I think the fact that there is an HIV epidemy in Russia is the invention of hyper media coverage, too many stories coming out about that and it becomes the worst nightmare. I think they authorities in the health department know what is really up and concern themselves with the real priorities.

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