HIV status should be made public: Should the fact that individuals have HIV/AIDS be made public?

  • Public HIV status would save lives.

    There have been many cases of people who knowingly infected
    others with the HIV virus. A lot of
    progress has been made with treatments for aids, but it is still fatal if left
    untreated. This disease is too dangerous
    to play with. If the status of HIV
    positive people was made public in a national database, many lives could be

  • That's Humanity Statement

    We are a as human and as social human can't lived without the others people. When someone status made public, it can make the people in around his/her life be far away and it;s really inhumanity dude. So don't hypocrite because if you are there you will never want it.

  • No, that would lead to unfair exclusion.

    No, whether an individual has AIDS should not be made public, because the people who have AIDS would be unfairly ostracized and excluded. AIDS is not transferable in the air. It is not transferable by a toilet seat. There is no reason that the general public needs to know which person sitting next to them on a bus or train has AIDS, because AIDS is not something you can catch. Publicizing the information would only lead to hurt feelings and discrimination.

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