HIV status should be made public: Would making HIV status public help reduce HIV transmission?

  • Yes, making HIV status public would help reduce HIV transmission

    I believe that there should be a national registry of people who have been tested positive for HIV. Much like we have a registered sex offenders list, having an HVI registered list and location can help lower the spread of HIV. I believe everyone should have a duty and responsibility to be careful and consider of others around them, but we can't rely on trust alone. Making this sort of information public would decrease health insurance costs in the long run and help others live their lives safer.

  • Yes, you could check.

    Yes, making HIV status public would help reduce transmission, because a person could check whether their partner has HIV before engaging in sexual relations with them. It would be extremely embarrassing for the people who have it, but preventing transmission is more important than a little bit of public embarrassment. Public safety comes first.

  • No it will deter people from getting tested.

    Use a condom to help reduce transmission, everyone knows, HIV is present , and that you can catch it by having unprotected sex, people are either going to use one, or not.

    People are choosing to have unprotected sex because they want to, despite all the information that's out there and "Wrap it UP!!! Fight HIV!!! Propaganda. No ones medical history should be made public knowledge.

    This is why HIPPA laws exist to make people more prone to seeking medical treatment when it is needed. If you are diagnosed as having HIV it is documented by health agencies such as CDC.

    I do however believe that laws should be made more strict on people who do not dispose there status if they go around infecting others then it should , and is made public knowledge, you will be put on the sex offender registry.

    This however does not absolve anyone of there personal responsibility of looking out for themselves by using a condom. How tragic would it be finding out you have HIV, then to be put on full blast, just so people can indulge themselves in risky behaviors care free.

  • Requiring disclosure prior to sex is a better option

    Requiring people who know their HIV status to disclose it to their partner prior to engaging in sex is a better option. If HIV status is made public even for HIV positive people who have chosen celibacy then that will deter a lot of people from getting tested for HIV.

  • There has never been a documented case of the VIRUS in Human HIstory

    I think it's important for people to take a step back and look the evidence. There are two sides to story, and there's certainly a HUGE debate with regards to HIV on many fronts. Science is left to the interpretation of man and is not always CORRECT.
    Fact: HIV is antibody and every singe test kit that has been developed and manufactured tests for different markers that make up the antibody. There is no gold standard in these tests because the virus has never been isolated. This means while you can test positive in one lab, you can test negative in another lab as there's no standard of testing. Very different than if you were being tested for Cancer, as there are gold standards set in place that will yield the same results in every lab that tests for cancer. There are disclaimers on every test kit that indicate that the results from the given test you are taking can not be used alone to determine if you are HIV + and states that they are unable to detect the virus, only the Antibodies. And if you don't know what an Antibody does, you might want to look it up.
    Fact: Most GP's don't know who Dr.Robert Gallo is, they also don't know which medical journals contain the documents that are suppose to support HIV being the cause of AIDS. And those very documents do not provide the scientific medical evidence that proves HIV is the cause of Aids.
    Fact: There are over 2000 Phd Medical doctors many of whom have extensive backgrounds in Virology(the study of viruses) and microbiology that have spoken out against the current views of HIV.
    Fact: If you have ever been pregnant, have had flu shots, have used drugs have had a hepatitis B vaccinations, have Herpes simplex 1 or 2, and the list goes on.
    Fact: There are thousands of people with non-HIV Aids. However, these people don't get the support they need as someone who is HIV +, and very little research is done on for these people to help find a cure, these are individuals who have low CD4 counts with concurrent opportunist infections that is used to diagnose individuals who are HIV + with full blown aids.
    Fact: The CDC has recently changed their diagnosis procedures that increases the amount of False HIV + cases.
    Fact: People with HIV don't die from Aids, They die from liver failure and hear failure due to complications from the medication.
    Fact: Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis who invented the PRC procedure which is used to determine one's viral load has publicly stated that HIV/AIDS hypothesis is a mistake.

    So if the evidence 100% without a doubt proved that HIV caused Aids, Then I would say yes, but the fact is it does not, and therefore forcing someone to fit within a mould to be subjected to stigma on a flawed methodology, I have to say NO.

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