Hobby Lobby Decision: Is Plan B truly a religious issue, or are employers just looking for a loop hole?

  • Yes, Plan B is truly a religious issue.

    Yes, Plan B is truly a religious issue and not simply a loophole. Many people are convinced that Plan B amounts to abortion and murder. These beliefs should be respected. A person who has a religious belief that Plan B is morally wrong should not be forced to pay for others to use Plan B.

  • It is not religious.

    Truly Hobby lobby is wrong in their decision. I believe that they have no right to deny their employees this right. It does not matter if the employees find plan B to be against their religion, they have no right to impose that standard on their employees. Their employees are not just employees of hobby lobby, but of the government as well. The employees should have the right to have their birth control included in their health plan provided by the company.

    I know that the government just made it okay to deny Plan B to employees, but this is something the government is wrong on.

  • Yes, the issue of Plan B is a religious issue in American society.

    The decision to support or not support birth control such as Plan B is one that is mainly fought over between religious groups and more progressive or non-religious members of society. This source of conflict is where the Hobby Lobby decision makes sense in theory and in practice. Employers are correct when they say that the conflict over birth control is religious in nature for this reason.

  • Yes, Plan B is a religious issue.

    Plan B is indeed a religious issue to some. However, employers should not be able to make decisions for other people based on religious issues if they are non-religious corporations. I think there is a huge difference between holding a religious belief as an individual and insisting that your entire business "holds this belief" as well.

  • Plan B is truly a reigious issue

    I believe that plan B is truly a religious issue, at least in the case of Hobby Lobby. In observance of the religious beliefs of the owners of Hobby Lobby the companies retail locations are closed on Sundays, the day that mot retailers see large sales. If Hobby Lobby was truly concerned with profits and circumventing the law the owners of the retail chain would have long since opened their stores on Sundays and demonstrated their desire for threading through loopholes.

  • That's what they claim!

    Of course it is a religious thing, but Hobby Lobby is using it more as a loop hole. I wonder where most of their merchandise comes from? OH yeah China, and they have a one child rule. Which leaves them with millions of abortions. I also wonder if Hobby Lobby plans to give mothers PAID MATERNITY LEAVE? I highly doubt it! So instead of helping you not to get pregnant in the first place I think I will just let you abort the baby, or make you raise a child you might not be ready to have. Also it isn't just about plan B. Look at the gate they just opened up for companies to play the religious card any way they want. All I can say is Hobby Lobby better pay their employees good because I see babies in the future!

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