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  • I can see it being the most intense for many reasons.

    Let me paint you a picture. Full grown men fly at each other with knives on their feet hitting each other at speeds of 20 mph+ while trying to dribble a frozen chunk of rubber on the end of their stick, Then they wind up, Hit it as hard as they can, And someone has to stop this puck, Which is travelling at 100 mph. Oh, And he has knives on his feet too. MMA fighters and such do have an intense sport, As you are a skilled fighter fighting a skilled fighter, Which is pretty rough. However, Hockey puck shot at 100 mph can hit with a force 22, 310 N, And while hockey players are mostly padded, Their wrists, Ankles, And sometimes faces get hit with this force. In 1985, Frank Bruno, The heavyweight champion that year, Supposedly hit with a force of 6, 316 N. A hockey puck hits players in the face with more than 3 times the force of one of the hardest punches of all time. Not intense enough for you? These players usually take a week or two off to partially heal, Then come back with a full facemask to play until they are fully healed. Sorry soccer fans, That's more intense than flopping on the ground after someone looked at you funny. Hockey players have to take shifts, Simply because they use their minds and bodies at 110%, So you become tired quickly. Try running a sprint while trying to solve simple math equations. That's equivalent to what they're doing. Marathons and such are intense, As it takes a whole heck of a lot to complete let alone compete in. However, Their is no physicality at all, Just running. Iron man marathons are even more intense, But still, Is isn't like hockey. I'm just saying, Have you ever tried ice skating? How about at full speed? Now try ice skating at full speed, Stopping and doing the same the other way, And then back once more. Now do it with some turns incorporated in your routine. Now do it with a stick in your hands and a puck on the end of that stick. Now do it with your head up, No looking down, Since you don't want to miss a pass or get hit unexpectedly. Not your thing? That's fine, Put on 30 lbs of equipment, Still on skates, And read what's going on throughout the play, And when you think someone will shoot, Quickly drop to your knees, Maybe even slide a little, All while trying to catch/kick/block a puck moving at 85 mph (I'll be generous and say it was a wrist shot from farther away). Good luck with that. Oh, And did I mention that you have to get right back up and do it 30 more times? Just throwing it out there, While other sports are intense, I think hockey takes the trophy for the most intense.

  • Hockey is fast and intense

    There are many injures in hockey because ice skaters are going way to fast. I also play hockey and when you're going fast and someone picks up you have to stop and go back to get the puck back. Believe me, It is a hard sport and very intense. For anyone. Thanks.

  • As a Canadian, I can name more intense sports

    Even though I am a Canadian and love hockey, I will have to admit hockey is not the most intense sport out there. Rugby, For example, Is a much more physically intense and demanding sport than hockey. Boxing is another sport more intense as well as any martial arts combat. Heck, Even soccer could arguably be considered more intense. Where as hockey has players regularly take shifts, Soccer players have to run across large fields at top speeds all for a ball, And injuries are rampant there too. While hockey is an intense sport, It would be foolish to name it as THE most intense sport.

  • Intense in terms of what?

    There are many other sports that are more physically demanding then hockey such as marathon running, Swimming, Rowing, Synchronized swimming or gymnastics. If we are talking about mentally then chess would probably be the winner in that category. For an overall winner in intensity I would say rowing or marathon running would probably be the top two most intense sports

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