• Yes hockey is violent

    People like hockey alot and i do too, but it got to stop because it is bad for the children.
    When the hockey players start fighting that's pretty much like promoting violence by letting them "duke" it out. If you take your kids up there and they see a fight because one guy runs into another, they might think it is okay at school to hit someone just for running into them. Don't get me wrong, I love to see some punches get thrown. But I think if you want to see fighting you should be watching UFC or boxing instead.

  • Teaches Wrong Things

    Just like football, hockey shows people that violence is the key to everything. Take the recent incidents in NFL for example. The people beating their wives, hitting their kids, and it's all because they learned from their sport, maybe not directly, that violence is the way things are to be solved, and that hitting, or attacking is the way to get the enemy away. Sure, it's not gonna change, no one cares no matter how much they pretend they do, it's a sport, and its meant to be violent, and no one is watching the bowling tournaments, they're all tuned in to the violent, keep you on the edge of your seat sports, and that's the way it'll always be.

  • Hockey is not too violent

    Hockey is one of the best sports, the physical part of hockey brings excitement to the sport, the body checking is only allowed once you get older. You get penalized for a dangerous hit, and stick interfraction's only happen when someone is lazy and doesn't want to play the game. Hockey is not too violent, the violence is part of the sport.

  • Hitting and fighting are part of the game

    Fighting and hitting is a necessary part of the game. Pain, players remember pain long after being on the receiving end of a good hit. The memory reduces the chances of that player repeating the prior action. The same is true with fighting. The hit giver of before mentioned player gets his time with a team's enforcer, the hit giver will be less likely to provide hard hits. Thus, players maintain order and referees are there to keep it fair.

  • Hockey is about as violent as every other sport.

    Hockey, with all the protective gear and rough play, is football on ice. In football, it is all about crashing into each other to go run a ball to somewhere while other guys have to body block. I don't know any children so far that have let a friend run there food plate down a hall while they block everyone back to the lockers. If it did happen, it would more than likely appear on the news.
    While fights are most often in hockey, any fighting in general can provoke aggression. Aggression, in fact, is not solely attributed to influence by sports (especially hockey), but to a number of factors when considering the young age that children are at. For example, emotional and family problems are huge factors in the aggression of a child. If someone were to run into another person and attack them, it doesn't mean they were influenced by hockey. Athletes attack people who run into in anger, as do children.
    Every sport in some way induces fighting. When you're out as an athlete playing a competitive sport, there's going to be some violence. The only sports I can think of where fighting is extremely rare are tennis and golf- but then again, are there that many kids interested these days in playing tennis and golf?

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