Hockey should change the rules to disallow body checking and physical contact of any sort.

Asked by: cindy990921
  • For kids hockey at less competitive levels absolutely

    From concussions to insurance for associations to parents choosing to not allow contact sport to enrolment dropout citing contact to poor caliber reffing. Many reasons as to why it should go. Hockey doesn't change that much if its removed and the pros to remove it outweigh the cons, coming from a player parent and coach

  • Body checking in hockey should be made illegal

    Fighting in hockey has no benefits whatsoever. It does not give points, advantages to the team that won the fight. It does not only further endanger the players from avoidable injuries, but it also sets a bad example to kids that watches the sport. Fans watching hockey games are not expecting the players to fight, they came for their Basketball, Football, and Soccer does not allow
    fighting and yet they prosper. Fighting in hockey is not needed.

  • Full contact is aloud in football

    Why does this matter? If you don't want to see physical contact, don't watch and don't play. However, if this is talking about high school sports then I do not support physical contact because concussions will interfere with school, but this does not appear to the question. Contact is involved in many sports, not just hockey.

  • Why would you make Hockey a feeble and frail sport?

    If you want to take out physical contact in hockey you may as well make it illegal in baseball to hit grand slams, cross courts illegal in basketball, and an 80-yard hail mary in football illegal. It is done to amaze the fans and spectators. Sometimes it helps the team out but nonetheless, they all have similar uses and meaning. Beside the sport itself that is what keeps watching it good and spicy if you will.

  • Hockey is no a pillow fight

    If you want to take body contact away in hockey, you might as well be saying that the sport shouldn't be a thing. Body contact is what makes the sport fun and enjoyable to play and watch. Now I play hockey myself, and I know how it feels. But it is impossible to get the puck from someone without body contact.

  • Hockey is not just a pillow fight

    Why would anyone want to get rid of body contact in hockey. That is what makes the sport fun to watch and play. You might as well just get rid of hockey all together. I play hockey and without body contact, it is basically impossible to get the puck from someone else.

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